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2018 Edward Mooney, Jr., author and educator, lives in western Colorado. He holds the degrees of Doctor of Education, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Science. He is licensed to teach in California, Colorado, and Montana, and was the California State History Teacher of the Year in 2010.

PROFESSIONAL WRITING: Article: Narative Methodology
           Article: School Violence and Teacher Morale
           Dissertation (Northeastern University)
           Article: CNN
TEACHING LICENSES: Colorado Secondary - Montana Secondary
           California Secondary - California Elementary
CURRICULUM OPTION: Master's in Online Teaching
AWARD: California State History Teacher of the Year - 2010
FEEDBACK: Chadron State College Student Feedback (Fall, 2019)
           Parent Letter: Howell - Parent Letter: Neville
OTHER: Mooney's Mysteries - Teachable Moments
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