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AUTHOR: Quotes from Edward Mooney, Jr.
"To reach a mind, first reach a heart."
"To reach a child's mind, first reach a child's heart."
"Real education changes you on the inside."
"A relationship is the glue that makes learning stick."
"No love for the subject in the lesson means the lesson is to not love the subject."
"When a school values children in all ways, children value school."
"Teachers who value students teach the value of learning."
"An effective lesson makes the students want to know more."
"Lifelong learners are created with passion and curiosity."
"When you give up on the idea of being perfect you can start being fully human."
"No solution to any problem comes without cost."
"Contentment is true wealth."
"Being present for your child is the best present you can give."
"The roots of troublesome behavior in young people are found in the behavior of the older generation."
"Dignity begins when you see value in others and in yourself."
"Using violence announces that what you believe in is worthless."
"Empathy: the glue that keeps us together as a civilization."
"To find happiness, be grateful."
"Come to grips with your biases, or they will keep a grip on you."
"We grow by reaching out into the unknown, not by staying inside of the known."
"Hate knows no religion but itself."
"Tolerance is in seeing the value of another human being in spite of your differences."
"There is no growth without facing fear. Indeed, fear is a sign pointing to where growth is needed."
"Start with love - you'll find what is 'right.' Start with being 'right' - you'll not find love."
"It is a petty opponent who insults a person rather than challenges ideas."
"Passion is the seed of all great things."
"When you daydream you send a scout into a world of possibilities."
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