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AUTHOR: No Shelter in the Storm

Seeking a publisher.
Dr. John Sheehan (using a false identity), is being pursued by unknown assailants. After a harrowing chase, he's trapped in rural Nevada with a Federal agent. Evening becomes night, and their discussion takes them back in time, to when Dr. Sheehan ("Sandy") was a child facing terrible news. His life story unfolds.

The reader follows Sandy as he becomes a psychologist with a growing practice. Everything seems to be going well but strange phone calls and a delivery forced him into hiding on the run; he has no idea why. Emily Markham is the FBI agent assigned to the case. In spite of Markham's efforts, the assailants always find Dr. Sheehan. Emily uncovers Dr. Sheehan's link to her larger criminal investigation, but she hides it. As the FBI team corners the criminal, even Emily is surprised by who it is.


©1994-2020 Edward Mooney, Jr.