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AUTHOR: The Hope of the Stone Man

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TRILOGY BOOK 3, Stone Man Press, 2016 ISBN 978-0692724651
Completing the Stone Man Trilogy is "The Hope of the Stone Man." In this book the over-arching story that starts and ends each of the first two novels (featuring Paul, Meredith, Tim and Shannon) is brought to completion. Years after the close of the story in "The Journey of the Stone Man," Tim and Shannon clean out their garage and find an old box of bound and loose papers. The notebooks represent a rough journal written at the end of Joseph Marino's life.

The find compels them to contact Paul, Joseph's son. During a reading of the journal, without knowing it, Tim and Shannon present Paul with a reminder of a mystery from his childhood. A quest is born that takes the readers back decades and out on to the Pacific Ocean.

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