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2018 Edward Mooney, Jr., author and educator, was born in Massachusetts and raised in California. He lives in western Colorado. He holds the degrees of Doctor of Education, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Science. He is licensed to teach in California, Colorado, Iowa and Montana. Click for [NEWS].
Since 2014 he has served as a college professor. Edward taught high school science and social studies for years; in 2010 he was the State Teacher of the Year for California (Daughters of the American Revolution).
His current novels include "The Pearls of the Stone Man," "The Journey of the Stone Man," and "The Hope of the Stone Man." A streaming channel movie based on "The Pearls of the Stone Man" is coming soon.
Edward developed a new mystery/suspense manuscript in 2019, "No Shelter in the Storm," and is seeking a publisher.

In 2015 a movie in Japan based on "The Pearls of the Stone Man" was released.

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